Book Review – I Know You Did It

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. In January, the lovely Amy – author of Mina and the Undead – and I did a buddy read of the young adult thriller, I Know You Did It. Amy is an absolute pleasure to talk to and read with, and made this read through even more fabulous.

A secret from her past threatens to detonate her present… On her first day at a new school, Ruby finds a note in her locker saying I Know You Did It. She’s terrified that someone has found out she was responsible for the death of a girl called Hannah in a playground when they were both toddlers – a secret she has been keeping guiltily for ten years. When other pupils at the school start suffering serious accidents, the finger of blame points at Ruby. She knows she’s not the perpetrator, but who is? And what link do they have to her past…?

I absolutely loved the premise of this. It takes the traditional ‘whodunit’ and puts a twist on it. It also brings up a thousand moral questions; can we hold Ruby accountable for something that happened when she was so young? Does that count as her having ‘form’? How far can we forgive others, and ourselves? With these kind of ethical dilemas hanging over the story right from the beginning, it makes for an interesting set up.

Ruby isn’t always the most likable of characters, having built up walls to keep herself safe, she’s completely insecure when it comes to letting anyone in. The trauma from what she’s been through is wrapped around her like a cloak, and she only wraps it tighter each time someone comes anywhere close to her. Between that, her concerns for her mother’s fibromyalgia, and the normal worries of starting a new school, it’s completely understandable that she’s a bristly person. I quite liked her for it, maybe because I could relate to her so much.

The story is layered and curious, slowly building up in pace and tension. Both Amy and I had different theories throughout about who could possibly be involved, and exactly what was happening when it came to that involvement. As I said above, it was even more fun reading this book with a buddy, as I had someone to bounce theories around with!

Because there were so many factors to consider, it was almost impossible to guess at unravelling everything, which I loved. It also meant that I was as suspicious of everyone as Ruby, and kept guessing and second guessing just what was going on. It was one of the most complicated thrillers to make sense of that I’ve read for a while, and it will absolutely be one I recommend in the future.

Thanks for stopping by for this review, and a big thanks to Amy for her company while reading, making this book even more enjoyable than it would have been solo!

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