365 Blog Posts

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m sharing an excitable post – I’ve managed 365 days of steady posting! That’s a blog post every day, for an entire year. And I’m pretty pleased with myself.

Over the last year, I’ve read and reviewed some incredible books. Some have been my choice, and many have been sent to me by publishers. Having the goal of wanting to share a blog post every day helped me stay motivated at times where my reading engergy was a bit lacking, and it worked in reverse too; knowing I was working towards a goal was great for getting me to pick up my laptop on evenings where I might have just stared at my phone otherwise. All in all, it’s really helped my productivity.

It’s also been a great “feel good” moment reaching this point too, and watching it approaching. Each day ticking by has been one day closer to ‘success’, and although I’ve got no plans to stop the roll I’m on, it really does feel like a round of applause for myself kind of moment. I’ve managed this through a miscarriage, moving house, being homeless, Covid, depression… and that’s a really big thing for me. Not to say if you haven’t, you’ve achieved less. But for me – with not being able to work due to my chronic illnesses especially – it’s a really big thing, to pick a goal, and manage to reach it.

I’ve written what I hope has been a great variety of posts over the last year, and obviously I can’t reshare everything I’ve written in one post – or we’d be here for another year! But I’d like to share just some of the posts, reviews especially, that have wedged themselves in my mind as special books in the last twelve months. I ended last year with having read 164 books and I’ve read 50 books already this year, so it’s hard to pick some from that many, however these are some of the ones I haven’t stopped thinking about, and find myself recommending to people on a regular basis:

Thank you for all the support over the last twelve months, and here’s to the next twelve!


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