Book Review – Dreadwood: Fear Ground

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m sharing my review of Dreadwood: Fear Ground, the second book in the Dreadwood series. You can find my review of the first book here, from earlier this year.

There’s a new craze at Dread Wood High. Flinch is a game of fear. The more you scare your friends, the more points on the app you get. At first it’s fun, but soon fun is replaced by fear. And Angelo and his friends notice that everyone is behaving more and more strangely every day – almost as if something is taking over their brains…

With the fair arriving in town, adrenaline and excitement levels are high. But who are the people behind the super-creepy clown masks? With fights breaking out and Flinch in full force, it’s time for the final showdown at the Fear Ground. Let the REAL games begin!

I couldn’t help but need to know what happened next after we left the group of misfits at the end of Dread Wood. Now with an extra member in Collette, the link that drew them all together in the first place, the five have been as sucked into the game of Flinch as everyone else. Strangely – of course – it’s a problem with a chicken that really starts things moving in the curious direction…

A middle grade horror novel to remember, there are (thankfully) no more giant spiders in this sequel, but this book is not for the squeamish! It was the perfect book to sit down and read in one sitting, especially while the rain poured outside and I was under a heavy blanket. There were plenty of moments where I was completely relieved to be secure and safe as it really did keep you on edge throughout.

An absorbing read for those of us who love middle grade, and perfectly aimed at the age bracket it targets, this is great for those who love to be scared but still sleep with the light on (myself included). Jennifer Killick is writing the Goosebumps of this generation.

Thanks for stopping by today for my review of this middle grade horror. Coming up soon, I’ll have some more middle grade, some young adult, and some author interviews. Be sure to make sure you’re following so you never miss a post!



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