Book Review – Murder at Snowfall

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m sharing my review of Murder at Snowfall, a middle grade murder mystery from the same author, Fleur Hitchcock, as Murder at Twilight which I reviewed earlier this year.

When Lucas and Ruby find an abandoned trunk covered in snow, Lucas says there’s bound to be a body inside. Ruby laughs but what if he’s right? Nervously she starts to open it, and immediately wishes she hadn’t. From that moment on, they’re drawn into a thrilling mystery, one that they have to solve before the falling snow smothers all trace of wrongdoing…

Just like the previous Fleur Hitchcock mystery that I read, I absolutely loved this book. It was a total adventure through twists and turns of human nature in so many ways… and especially those that can drive us to murder.

The dynamic between Ruby and her ‘Step’ Lucas is a really interesting one. They start off at major odds with each other, but are drawn into the need to solve the case they’ve been sucked into together. Through this, they learn to see each other through different eyes, and maybe – just maybe – give each other another chance in forming a relationship as ‘Steps’.

The other characters going on in the background all form their own dynamics which Ruby and Lucas find themselves picking apart mentally, trying to follow the threads to lead to the answers they are so determined to find.

I didn’t see the ‘whodunnit’ until right at the very end, when all the pieces finally started to fall into place. This is a prime example of “don’t write off children’s books”, because the mystery at the heart of this book is deeper than some books aimed at adults I’ve read!

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