Book Review – Big Bad Me

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m sharing my review of Big Bad Me, which I read last month.

Evie Wilder is living a normal life. Except for the fact her mom’s gone missing, she just found out she’s a werewolf, she and her sister have to go into hiding, and there’s not a single helpful vampire slayer to be found.

With the help of Kevin, the dorky-hot manager of the guesthouse where Evie and Kate go to lie low, Evie starts learning to harness her wolfish side. But there’s something a bit odd about Kevin…

Meanwhile, reports of animal attacks are increasing, local teens are going missing, and Evie is about to find herself at the centre of a supernatural showdown.

I read this book based on recommendations from several friends who have a similar taste in books, both reading and writing. It’s a fast-paced, dual POV book, switching between Evie and Kate while they hunt for their mother, and end up finding much, much more.

Although some parts of the book were genuinely funny and emotive, I have to admit I did find it to be trying a bit too hard at points, which did put me off somewhat. Overall though, I enjoyed this author’s take on the supernatural world, which is something I’m always interested to see. Every author has their own rules as to how their warewolves, vampires and the like work, so seeing these ones in action was tremendous fun.

One of the most fundamental parts of this story was the love between the sisters, and how both of them would be prepared to do utterly anything to help the other. Kevin acts as a linchpin when both of them have their own – understandable – meltdowns, and although it takes Kate longer to warm to him than Evie, they form a united little group.

The side characters that we encounter are all fully fleshed out, and feel just as clear as the leading roles, which is a real skill, as sometimes this is lacking. But even characters who were on the page for only a few moments felt well developed.

On a final note, no spoilers, but – the ending. It’s great. Read this book for that alone.

Thanks for stopping by for this review. If you’re looking for more books along this vibe, I highly recommend Sixteen Souls, Mina and the Undead and Mina and the Slayers, and Flight 171.



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