December 2022 Wrap Up

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m sharing my December 2022 Wrap Up, the final wrap up of the year 2022. And what a way to finish off the year.

After a couple of really rough months throughout this year, causing me to miss my blogging goal, I really managed to pull my numbers back up this month. I was really pleased to see this. Even though I knew I’d never reach my goal (I essentially stopped reading for a few months, so it was never going to happen when that happened), it showed me that my goal would have been achieveable if my health had been in a different place. I’ll be talking more about my year past and to come in a different post, but ending the year this way put me in a good place.

Let’s look over the month!

Mina and the Slayers (Mina and the Undead #2) – Physical / eBook – Review here
YA Supernatural Mystery – 4 stars

A Symphony of Echoes – Audio – Review here
Sci-Fi / Historical Fiction – 4 stars

Big Bad Me – Physical
YA Supernatural Thriller – 3 stars

The Garden (Into Shadow #1) – ebook – Review here
Short Story – 3 stars

Persephone (Into Shadow #2) – ebook
Short Story – 4 stars

Tutankhamun: Pharaoh. Icon. Enigma – Audio
History Non-Fiction – 4 stars

Murder in Midwinter – Physical – Review here
MG Thriller – 3 stars

The Six Deaths of the Saint (Into Shadow #3) – ebook
Short Story – 5 stars

Death and Papa Noel – ebook – Review here
Festive Crime Fiction – 4 stars

What The Dead Say (Into Shadow #4) – ebook
Short Story – 4 stars

Undercover (Into Shadow #5) – ebook
Short Story – 3 stars

Dead Famous – Audiobook
Non-fiction History – 5 stars

Mooncakes – ebook
Graphic Novel – 4 stars

Mysteries of Thorn Manor (Sorcery of Thorns novella) – ARC
Fantasy – 5 stars

The Flip Side of History – Audiobook
History Non-Fiction – 4 stars

The Very Merry Murder Club – Physical
Middle Grade Crime Fiction – 4 stars

The First Ghosts – Audiobook
History Non-Fiction – 3 stars

21% Monster – Physical
YA Sci-Fi – 4 stars

So that’s how the end of the year finished up, with some historical non-fiction and some young adult sci-fi! That about sums up my reading collection, really. It was great to be back on track after a couple of difficult months, and it’s got me feeling hopeful for 2023.


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