January 2023 Wrap Up

Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m sharing my January 2023 wrap up.

January was a month of really starting the ball rolling with a couple of book-related goals, including getting myself to post on TikTok. I started my TikTok account just before we were made homeless, so I then didn’t have a way to post for a year! Now there’s nothing holding me back, other than good old self consciousness. So the fact I managed to get a couple of videos up felt pretty good, and found myself feeling a little bit more confident just for doing it.

Book-wise, I was also planning on a couple of buddy reads, which I managed to follow along with – okay that’s a lie. I finished both of these early. I can find these quite challenging for a few different reasons, so it was great to tick those boxes. Because it went well, I’m going ahead with another one this month too, which I’ll talk about a bit more on social media.

21% Monster: Ice Giant – Physical – Review here
YA Sci-fi – 4 stars

Warrior Queens and Quiet Revolutionaries – Audio
Non-Fiction – 4 stars

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season of the Witch – Physical
Urban Fantasy – 3 stars

The Midnight Game – Physical
YA Thriller – 4 stars

Marple – Audio
Short Story Collection – 4 stars

Lore Olympus Volume #1 – Physical
Graphic Novel – 4 stars

Threads of Life – Audio
Non-Fiction – 3 stars

Frozen Charlotte – Physical
YA Thriller – 3 stars

Daisy Darker – Physical
Thriller – 5 stars

Lore Olympus Volume #2 – Physical
Graphic Novel – 4 stars

The Gathering Dark – Physical
Horror Anthology – 4 stars

Lore Olympus Volume #3 – Physical
Graphic Novel – 5 stars

Valentine Crow and Mr Death – Physical
Middle Grade – 5 stars

First Degree Murder – eBook
YA Mystery – 2 stars

The Golden Thread – Audio
Non-Fiction – 4 stars

This Book Kills – Physical
YA Murder Mystery – 3 stars

Going Dark – eBook – Review here
YA Thriller – 4 stars

The Song Walker – Physical – Review here
Middle Grade – 4 stars

Rivers of London: Deadly Ever After – ebook
Graphic Novel – 3 stars

Mudlarking – Audio
Non-Fiction – 4 stars

The Office BFFs – Audio
Non-Fiction – 4 stars

One Dark Window – Audio
Fantasy – 5 stars

In total, I read 22 books in January, which I’m really pleased with. It’s got me off to a good start for my reading challenge of 200 for the year. Last year ended up being a bit of a right off after a mental health collapse, so I’m hoping this time, things work out very differently!

How did you get on during the first month of January? What was your top read? Let me know in the comments.



  1. Twenty-two is an incredible amount of books to have read in January; I have finally got back into reading and managed ten books so I am in awe of all these titles you finished! I like the sound of Daisy Darker and The Golden Thread!


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