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Hello hello and welcome or welcome back to my little bookish corner of the internet. Today I’m sharing my review of the graphic novel, Meesh the Bad Demon. The tour is being run by TBR and Beyond, and you can find the full schedule for the tour, here.

A tale of unlikely heroes and myths is made real in this debut graphic novel series about a “bad” demon trying to find her place in the underworld. But she’ll have to save it first!

Meesh is a bad demon. “Bad” meaning she always sees the good in those around her–which, strictly speaking, isn’t how a demon is meant to feel or act.

Bullied by the other demons, twelve-year-old Meesh is more likely to be found poring over Fairy World’s magazines and fangirling the fairy princesses. When disaster strikes and her family is threatened, Meesh must journey to the Fairy World to find a healing crystal that can save the underworld. And speak of the devil! She meets a fairy princess right away.

But things in the Fairy World aren’t so perfect either. As Meesh makes surprising new friends and unites a band of outcasts–including her bully–she learns there’s more to being a demon than being bad.

Sometimes the secret to real power is in loving yourself, faults and all.

Rating: 3 stars

This was an incredibly cute read. Meesh wants more than anything to be a fairy. She’s ‘bad’ at being a demon; she loves flowers and wants to look at rainbows, rather than puking acid. And her school bully is sure to remind her about her flaws. Luckily she has the support of her Grandma, and their little unit stumbles through despite things being hard.

When she comes face to face with the fairy world after a disaster in her own town, all her dreams burst to life… until she’s unveiled as a demon in disguise. The long time mistrust between the demon and fairy communities means that everyone panics at the sight of her, rather than rushing to help. That doesn’t stop her absolute idol, the fairy princess, being sucked into the portal with her however.

The illustrations compliment the story wonderfully, allowing you to be fully absorbed in the story of a demon who just wants to be different, and finally finding the joys when she becomes comfortable in her skin, making friends along the way. Seeds are placed for a larger storyline in both text and illustration, leaving the reader curious for the bigger picture, ready for volume two.

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About the Author
Michelle Lam is a Los Angeles based story artist in the animation industry, a graphic novel author and illustrator, and cartoonist on social media. She assistant directed the CG animated series ONIThunder God’s Tale (Netflix / Tonko House), storyboarded and wrote for I Heart Arlo (Netflix), and storyboarded for Arlo the Alligator Boy (Netflix / Titmouse Animation) and Trash Truck (Netflix / Glen Keane Productions). Animation work aside, Michelle moonlights as an author and illustrator with her first graphic novel Meesh the Bad Demon (Penguin Random House Knopf), and creates autobiographical comics on her Instagram @mewTripled. She shares her life and career experiences through the form of videos on Youtube also under @mewTripled.

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Thanks for stopping by for this review today. I’ve got some more graphic novel reviews planned, so if that’s your thing keep an eye out for future posts.



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