And On She Reads

Welcome to And On She Reads! Here I will be reading, recording and recommending all things book related. I suppose a bit of an introduction us in order.

I’m Erika. I’m approaching 30, and switch merrily in between acceptance and denial regarding that fact. Being severely disabled, I spend a lot my time with either a crochet hook or a book in my hands. Just to get in as much reading as possible, if crochet is happening, so, often, is an audiobook. On that point – I know there is a debate in some people as to whether audiobooks are “real” books, which I simply do not understand. A book, is a book, is a book. Let’s just get that out there.

Books have been a large part of my life from as young as I can remember, and I was both a natural and able reader from a young age. When my brother was born, I was six years old, and I would love to read to him whilst he had his evening bottle. I remember reading my first Dickens (“A Christmas Carol”) my last Christmas in primary school, about ten and a half. I braved Austen after that, though being of the correct generation, nothing would or could displace Harry Potter as my first love during that time period.

Here on “And On She Reads”, I’m planning on keeping track of what I’ve been reading with accuracy and honesty, sharing recommendations, looking for recommendations, and reviewing what I’ve read as I go along.

Reading, as I say, has been a real love all my life, but in recent years it has taken on a more major role in my life. At sixteen I became severely ill. For a long while, I was unable to read, because of the way my health conditions were impacting both body and brain. And so, when I was able to read again, the love that had always been there was more fierce and burning, certain to never let it go again.

So far in 2019, I have read thirteen books and in the next few weeks will be reviewing each of them in turn, and I can’t wait to share those reviews with you!

Keep reading,

Erika. x

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