Books planned out for the year

So, inspired by another book blogger, I figured I’d write up a post of just a few of the books I’m planning on reading this year. I’ve already read quite a few 0, but I’m planning a “what I’ve read so far” for the end of April, when we’re a third of the way through the year. So, here are just a few of the To Read In 2019. This list has changed since January, and continues to develop, so will never be complete!

Once Upon A River Diane Setterfield

Described as both “spellbinding” and “pure magic”, this book has grabbed my attention right from the appearance of its beautiful cover when scrolling for new reads. The description, and I was hooked. A combination of magic and historical fiction, with dystopian elements, it really is a truly unique in thought, and I am struggling to not dig straight into it now. 

Eat Me Bill Schutt

Maybe I should have warned how eclectic this compilation would be in advance. This book is an anthropology based look at the ultimate taboo; cannibalism. Before anyone worries, I’m not planning on digging into anyone with salt and vinegar, but I am hugely interested into the situations that resort to cannibalism, and also to why we accept – or at least tolerate – so many things, but not this. I’m hoping to learn a lot.

The Housekeeper And The Professor Yoko Ogawa

Recommended to me by a friend when I asked for additions to my book challenge, this book by Yoko Ogawa  is about an unusual relationship that forms between two very different people; one a maths genius, one sensitive young woman. Dynamics that shouldn’t work are always the most interesting to examine, and that, along with beautiful writing, is what we are offered here.

The Zookeeper’s Wife Diane Ackerman

Now a popular film, this non-fiction book is based on a diary kept by a woman in 1939 Warsaw. Following the Nazi invasion,they managed to save the lives of hundreds of their fellow Polish people, becoming fiercely involved with the secret resistance around them. This book has already touched my heart and I haven’t read it yet. I am also deliberately avoiding the film until afterwards! 

How To Come Alive Again Beth McColl

A new audiobook, this looks at how to deal with your demons.So many of us have them, whatever their names. Depression. Anxiety. Trauma. These follow us around, impacting on our lives in so many ways. Well, it appears that the new way to handle them is here, in this audiobook. It is described as both helpful and humorous, and keeping the balance is always key. I’m looking forward immensely to this one. 

Vox Christina Dalcher

A dystopian reality, where women are silenced. Given how we are still being told to sit down and shut up, any book that looks at overthrowing such a system has my backing from today until forever. That’s all I need to say.

The Rules Of Seeing Joe Heap

Being visually impaired, I confess to being drawn to this title before I knew the contents. I’m lucky enough to have won this one to review, so can’t wait to dig in to a book that captured me in its preview. Another dynamic that pulls together two people in an unpredictable way, this novel feels like it has the potential to both break and mend you simultaneously, whilst also making you laugh out loud. Having been privy to the first chapter or so, I also already appreciate how realistic the description of using a long cane is. That’s enough to get my approval!

A Woman Is No Man Etaf Rum

Another strong feminist title for a time when we need strong female role models. We talk about needing them for our children, but forget about needing them for ourselves. Being a woman has never been an easy job, and now with social convention still trying to hold onto us, and social media sending out beaming photos every day, it’s about damn time we ripped up the the book. I

Meetings With Remarkable Manuscripts Christopher de Hamel

How could I possibly leave this one out! I was lucky recently to win the complete 2017 shortlist for the Wolfson History Prize, and this, as the winner, has my full attention. Almost a detective inspection as it winds its way through Medieval manuscripts, we are lucky enough to be given first person access, via the author, of some truly (as it says) remarkable manuscripts. Faced with pure knowledge and left to make our own impressions, this book will shortly be in my hands at all possible moments. 

So there you have it. Just a small number of the books I have planned to read soon, and I know already it will be an interesting journey through them. I have a long (LONG) list outside of these, but I’d love to hear what else you think I need to add to my collection!

Happy reading, as always.

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