Book Review – “My Sister, The Serial Killer”

I have a habit of starting new books regularly, and it often means that I don’t finish them as quickly as I had intended or planned. This book, however, I read quickly, because I couldn’t put it down.

A truly unique perspective on murder, family and loyalty, it is easy to see why this has been nominated for awards. The writing flows impressively, despite short chapters and jumps in time. It is amazing how well all of this is balanced, as these are not typically things that compliment each other. Yet within this book, you are sucked into a world that willingly seems to embrace how unprepared you were, and takes you forward.

The selection of characters we meet within the pages is interesting. From a long suffering nurse, to an abusive father, a man smitten with love, to a serial killer, the creativity behind this storyline is impressive beyond words. It really is one of those books where you don’t want to do anything except read.

Throughout the pages, a theme that, despite being lesser, really grabbed was the impact of trauma. One has become a murderer, and another her confidant, because of the cards life has dealt them. This resonated with me as a take on the nature vs. nuture debate that rages in all of us. In this way, the characters were multidimensional beyond what is usually found even in the most authentic of books.

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