Reading Challenges – eight weeks to go!

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A little while ago I looked at where I was with my reading challenges for this year. Some of them have been easier than others, and that remains the case even now, with only eight weeks left to read. This is complicated by the fact that this month I’m supposed to be writing a novel as part of NaNoWriMo, and fitting in fifty thousand words around absorbing many more words is going to be a bit of a wild ride.

However, whilst I have made progress, I am of course not always great at being, let’s say, task orientated, and have moved away from my planned list of books because another one has caught my eye multiple times. I even did it this weekend. And so, left from all of them, here is what I have left to complete:

  • D (Book planned: Daisy Jones and The Six)
  • G (Book planned: The Gardens of Lost and Found)
  • I (Book planned: Invisible Women)
  • J
  • O (Reading: Once Upon A River)
  • Q (Book planned: Queenie)
  • V
  • X
  • Z (Book planned: The Zookeeper’s Wife)

And from my other book challenge:

  • A book from the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
  • A book with a weather related word

The one I’m struggling with the most is the book by the Nobel Prize winner. I’m a bit lost for choice as there are simply so many to choose from, and I get overwhelmed by decision making. I have a ‘shortlist’ as it were to research a bit more to hopefully help me reach a decision, but this one has truly taken me by surprise by how challenging I’m finding it. I thought, “Nobel Prize, no problem” but have instead found myself with a list of names that I’m only familiar with a few of (I have no shame in admitting that!) and utterly bemused by where to start with it all.

But isn’t that just the joy of challenges? Just like with all the letters I’m yet to finish covering, the fact that I’m being challenged more by particularly challenging points just makes it all far more exciting. It’s not a challenge if you don’t get lost in it sometimes!

I’ve read so many brilliant books this year, and I’m running out of room in my journal to cover them all. Let’s just hope I can add these last ones to the number!

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