2021 Bookish Goals

Happy New Year! I’m feeling optimistic, because I’m telling myself that feeling any other way won’t help matters. That doesn’t mean I’m not having plenty of wobbles, and many tears, but mainly I’m trying to keep pushing on, and just focusing on day by day, or hour by hour, if need be.

2020 may have been an utter mess, but book-wise it was quite a good year. I read some amazing books, discovered some really fantastic new authors, got involved with the Book Bloggers Novel of the Year Award, took up a position as a Hot Key Ambassador, and generally did a lot of great book ‘stuff’. I also discovered a lot about how my tastes have changed that maybe I hadn’t noticed until I sat down and faced it – because there was nothing else to do! So here’s where I’m hoping to keep moving forward with this year.

Embrace my changing tastes
2020 was the first time I’d read any real fantasy other than what I read as a teen. Stumbling into loving the writing of people like Sarah J Maas and Cassandra Clare was a huge thing for me. I think I had that bias that a lot of people seem to have, thinking that fantasy was for children and children only, where it turns out there is a whole mass of books that are just waiting to be read. Fabulous.

Read more middle grade / young adult
The point above leads me onto this as well. It was only last year, too, that I started reading young adult and middle grade, partially because of blog tours, and partially because I then saw the comfort in them. Even young adult thrillers, which I read plenty of in 2020, are just that bit less intense, which is what I need. There’s also a huge comfort in getting lost in a world that doesn’t have to deal with things like paying bills and doing school runs! It’s almost like another fantasy world.

Dedicate more time to my blog
This is bookish, as this is a book blog, but then when have I ever obeyed even the rules I’ve set for myself? I want to really put the regular time and energy into my blog this year. I’m starting the year with several posts planned in advance, and that’s what I want to keep up. If that means I sit down once a week and write five posts because I’m getting behind, I need to do it. My husband thoughtfully got me a lot of bloggish stuff for Christmas, so I’m going to put it to good use.

Allow more DNF
I hate admitting that I didn’t finish a book. Which is daft, because I don’t judge other people for the same admission. So this year I am giving myself permission to not finish books whenever I need to or even just want to. Most of the books I read last year I enjoyed, but I could have read some more brilliant books if I had put down the books I wasn’t enjoying.

Keep track of my reading properly
This year I’ve been better than previous years, and have actually used GoodReads, even if I haven’t logged every book on it. I’ve started setting up a reading journal and I want to make sure that I really stick by it and keep on top of recording both what I’ve read, and what I’m planning on reading, as well as any book purchases. Making sure that I write at least brief reviews of each book for my own records is something I’m keen to do too.

Work through my TBR
While I’m not putting myself on a buying ban (staying on top of my spending is an entirely separate goal), I do want to make sure that I read more than buy, and make the most of the books I have. All of them have been purchased with the intent to read at some point, so I need to make sure I do that. I’ve made a start writing down my entire unread collection, and so, when I’m not reading ARCs, I’m going to try and read more of what I already have.

Only take on what I can manage
There’s been a few moments over the last year where I’ve felt overwhelmed because of just how much I’ve taken on, and in 2021 I want to make sure I keep those moments to a minimum. It’s sometimes really hard to read on a schedule because of my health, and I need to factor that in even when it irritates me, and make sure that I don’t get myself too stressed out because of blog tours.

Well there we have it, there’s my goals and plans. Let’s see just how it works out over the course of the year!


  1. Your goals are all very good and it really is best to avoid overwhelm. I am glad you are going to stray away from taking on too much that would weigh on your mind. I am going to try to do the same.

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  2. Great goals! I am with you on the book tour overwhelm. In 2020 I was reading about 3 or 4 tour books a week and I felt physically awful with the overwhelm. So, in 2021, I have slowed down on how many tours I have signed up for. I really want to read some of my books that are just because books and get back into loving reading again.

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