This Or That Book Tag

Welcome welcome, to the little corner of the internet that is all mine. This little space is my happy space, full of all things book related, and after seeing so many brilliant book tags going around the internet, I decided it was time to do one of my own! I hope you’ll all have some fun with my answers and with answering them yourself.


  • Answer the questions and (explain your answer if you want to!)
  • Add one more question of your own at the end for future bloggers
  • Tag as many bloggers as there are questions
  • Credit me, And On She Reads, as the author of the tag


Enemies to lovers OR friends to lovers?
Enemies to lovers every single time. That extra drama just makes it.

Story told from one perspective OR from multiple perspectives?
I prefer single perspective but don’t mind the odd bonus chapter from another.

Series OR standalone?
Series. I do like a good standalone, but if I love characters, more is always better!

One book at a time OR multiple books on the go?
Multiple books. Can’t help it.

Fiction OR non-fiction?
Fiction. I do love some non-fiction, history especially, but I need my fiction hit.

Daytime reading or nighttime reading?
I’m a total night owl.


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