Five Books With… Locations I’d Like To Visit

One of the things I love most about reading is being mentally transported to new worlds. From snow-capped mountains to the depths of the seas, it is a wonderful thing to explore imagined places from your seat on the sofa. Some places I feel like I’ve visited for real, and remember them with the same kind of fondness as I do for family holidays, if the author has described them to such a level.

Even just working from the books I’ve read in recent months I could easily double this number, but my series of Five Things With gives me the number to work with, and I won’t break my own rules, as tempting as it might be.

The Midnight Library
Okay so the process of getting there aside, I’d love to wander through lives that I could have had, and take them out like books. Finding a life where I’d be all sorts of other things to what I am now fascinates me as a concept, and the idea I could try lives on and put them back if they didn’t fit right would be amazing. I think this probably appeals to everyone, but especially as someone who had so many of their options cut short from them at 16 because of health, I’d love to see where else my life could have taken me. You can find my review of The Midnight Library here.

I think this almost speaks for itself as a one word answer. The idea of moving staircases, talking portraits, amazing food, passwords, magic lessons, A LIBRARY FULL OF MAGIC BOOKS, and magical animals right on site is enough to make me check my letterbox for my missing Hogwarts letter. Although I was born during the time He Who Must Not Be Named was in power, so as a Muggle Born, I would have been wiped from the system. That’s what I’m telling myself.

Crescent City
The first of two Sarah J Maas locations on this list, I love the idea of the magic and the modern mixed together. In the book, there’s phones and CCTV and also fae traditions that go back centuries. The shop where Bryce works especially (yes, it’s got another library involved…) intrigues me and I would happily spend all day wandering around to see what books called out to me, and which ones terrified me. I’d love to go clubbing with centaurs and werewolves, and ideally find an angel to fly me home. Ah a girl can dream. Find my review here.

Lyra’s Oxford
It’s been a fair while since I read the Northern Lights series, but I do remember the thrill of her adventures through the rooftops, all with a magical buddy at her side. I loved the idea of that. I was quite a lonely child in a way, and so the idea of a magical animal that could shapeshift and keep me company was something I loved greatly, and doing it through such a historical, fascinating city was even more appealing.

Finally, to the surprise of absolutely no one, is Velaris. A key location from the second book of the series onward, this city in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series absolutely captured my heart. The idea of the four markets, the river, the House of Wind, and of course its library, just makes me want to happy sigh. I wish it was real, and I’d do anything to pay it a visit. Strolling down the Rainbow, stopping for coffee, breathing in the art, feeling magic in the air… Yes. I think so. My reviews for book one, two, and three are here. With the festive season approaching I’ll be reviewing A Court of Frost and Starlight, and obviously we have A Court of Silver Flames to look forward to in the new year!

I’d love to hear where you would pick to visit. There are so many wonderful fictional worlds out there – where would you want to see?


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