June 2021 Wrap Up

Hello hello and welcome, or welcome back, to my little corner of the internet. It’s time to look back over how June went this year in my June Wrap Up! There’s been some really great reads so far this year, which I’ll talk about in another post soon, and some of them have been in this past month.

I mentioned a few times over the last few weeks that my eyes have been causing me a lot of issues lately which has put a bit of a downer on how much I’m managing to read, which has been really frustrating, but at the same time, I’m trying to enjoy what I have been able to read, and not to let the stress levels take over! I was having a bit of a flap around a third of the way into the month, feeling like I was really behind, but although it’s been a slightly slower month than I’d normally be used it, I still did okay. Really it probably ended up being an average month, but it just felt slower, when so much of it was spent not being able to read, and relying on audiobooks.

June Reads

All Our Hidden Gifts – Paperback – Review here
YA Magical Realism – 4 stars

Not My Problem – eARC – Review here
LGBT Contemporary – 4 stars

Instructions For Dancing – Audiobook / ARC – Review here
YA Romance – 3 stars

Mirrorland – Audio / ARC – Review here – Interview with author here
Thriller – 4 stars

Midnight’s Twins – Paperback
YA Urban Fantasy – 4 stars

Threadneedle – Hardback / Audio
Magical Realism – 5 stars

Ace of Spades – Hardback / Audio
YA Thriller – 5 stars

The Box in the Woods – Audio – Review here
YA Mystery – 4 stars

One For Sorrow (The Magpie Society #1) – Audio
YA Mystery – 3 stars

It’s Behind You – Paperback – Review here
YA Thriller – 4 stars

The Yearbook – Paperback
YA Contemporary – 3 stars

So there we are! June wrapped up, and we’re into July, the second half of the year, and, as my husband bounced around saying “it’s closer to Christmas”. Honestly, he’s a big kid!

You can find my July TBRs here and here – I’m tackling two different readathons and hoping I can make some progress with all these books I’ve decided that I can absolutely manage to read. Because why not overwhelm myself?!

Come back again soon for daily blog posts, ranging from author interviews to book reviews.


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