March TBR

Time to look ahead to March 2021. Happy thoughts! The season is changing, flowers are finally starting to bud and show, and there are plenty of brilliant books to look forward to, and I’ve got a large pile of them to make my way through in March.

When I wrote my February TBR, I was keen to make sure I covered all the books that were on my list, or at least did the best I could to make sure as much of it as possible. I’ll be writing more about how I got on with the TBR next week. March is looking exciting with books that I’ll be both reviewing and reading, so I’ll cut the babble and get down to it.

March 2021 TBR
City of Fallen Angels – Paperback
This is next on the reading order for the readalong I’m doing with Fi’s Bibliofiles and Read To Ramble and after finishing The Red Scrolls of Magic (which we’re all writing about this weekend) I can’t wait to move onto the next book. It’s been a really interesting book to read and has left me really keen to read more. If we weren’t taking it month by month, I’d probably already be onto the next book by now!

Clockwork Prince – Audio / Paperback
I was a bit behind joining in with Ellie and Fiona, but I’m reading The Infernal Devices in my own time. I’m just finishing up Clockwork Angel and I’m ready to move onto the next book in this part of the series, too. The characters are absolutely lovely and it’s a wonderful change of focus from the main story, so I can’t wait for more adventures with Tessa.

The Shadow in the Glass – eARC
A “deliciously gothic” twist on Cinderella, I was really excited to get approved for this one on NetGalley. I’m planning on reading it towards the beginning of the month and just looking over the synopsis again has me excited. It really looks like it’s going to be a dark and wonderful, and I’ve really been enjoying retellings and twists on traditional tales over the last year.

Sweet & Bitter Magic – eARC
I’m on a blog tour for Sweet & Bitter Magic in the second week of March so I’ll be reading this book at the beginning of the month. I’m really excited about this one, and was super pleased to join a blog tour going on for it. With where I’m scheduled in the tour I know I can look forward to reading this book pretty shortly!

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire – Paperback / Audio
The second in the Blood and Ash series (find my review of From Blood and Ash here), I wanted to try and squeeze this into February’s reading if I had the time, but it just hasn’t happened. With the third in the series due out in April, though, I need to get this book READ so that I’m ready for its release. I’m really looking forward to revisiting Poppy as a character as I really loved her and the journey she went on during book one.

Foxglove Summer – Audio
Book four in the Rivers of London series ended on a massive cliffhanger (no spoilers, of course, but I genuinely shouted OH MY GOD and woke up my husband, no biggie), and it was a matter of physical restraint to not go straight onto book five the second it finished. But I’m being a proper grown up and making “sensible life choice”, i.e., not binge reading the entire series in the space of a month. Spreading it over two months is fine, though.

The Wolf Den – Paperback ARC
I was sent this book to review a little while ago, and it’s due for release in May. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into it (pun very much intended) and can’t wait to read what sounds like an absolutely riveting book set in Pompeii. I’m a big fan of ancient history, and this story sounds like it’s going to be really powerful.

Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry – Paperback ARC
This book was recently sent to me from Hot Key as part of my Ambassador role, and it’s a book I’m really excited to get into. As much as I’ve always loved my young adult books, it’s only recently I’ve started enjoying a bit of romcom in my life, and that side by side with a bit of drama is what this book is all about. I can’t wait.

So there we are. I’m sure there will be a change or two as the month goes on, but this is my initial plan. There’s some really brilliant books just waiting to be read in March, and I can’t wait to dig in!


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